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Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit regarding banking affairs planet-wide.

Nikki Gail Darwin
444 Rat Portage Road   
Lasqueti Island, BC    
Canada V0R2J0   
nikkid [at] lasqueti [dot] ca   

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Galactic New Year

Come to Galactic New Year Celebration July 27 at 7am and welcome our future

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Lasqueti's Sacred Circle

Lasqueti’s Sacred Circle is Saturday June 9th,

444 Rat Portage Road from 1-3pm PT.

Introduce yourself to earth’s original teaching tool and bring it back to life.  

All are welcome.

250-240-4498 nikkid [at] lasqueti [dot] ca


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Seeking Balance Wheel Ceremony

The Seeking Balance Wheel is immensely important for the earth at this time. I am re-introducing it to the world Tuesday March 20, 2018 on Lasqueti Island, British Columbi, Canada, between the morning high tide of 14.3 feet at 8:09am and the evening high tide of 13:7 feet at 9:03pm.

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Introduction to the Seeking Balance Wheel

The teaching tool that was brought to earth by the Pleiadian Star Mothers was called the Seeking Balance Wheel. It is a simple geometric wheel whose title and purpose evolves during the lifelong educational process of demonstrating the truth of who you are as a Divine Creator. It is used for all age levels of education. Toy wheels are used by youngsters under the age of seven.

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