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Dear galactic federation

Dear Galactic Federation,
I am bringing to your attention that all of humanity is participating in a most amazing transformation into the Light, the Love, the Wisdom, the Power and eventually Source.

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In a time of global crisis where people are forced to live in isolation and separation, where fear has gripped many people and weaken their immune systems, I had the thought: It is impossible to quarantine love.

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Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

Superb video research by Amazing Polly. We've got to start recognizing truth, and think for ourselves and our families and friends.


BOOM revelations get bigger as we go along.  Stay with me!

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COVID 19 is a military operation



On a nationwide level, factions of the cabal are fighting for power. Humanity falsely thinks it is dealing with a corona virus but in reality, COVID 19 is a military operation. The media has humanity quarantined with its MEDIA VIRUS.

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Appeal to the Federation

I am starting to see that our only option here on planet earth is a mass action by humanity. Maybe then you, the supreme federation of united planets will wake up and start exploring the realms of emotion. I am starting to realize that that is why I came to this planet and have spent so many lifetimes here.

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