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COVID 19 is a military operation



On a nationwide level, factions of the cabal are fighting for power. Humanity falsely thinks it is dealing with a corona virus but in reality, COVID 19 is a military operation. The media has humanity quarantined with its MEDIA VIRUS.

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Appeal to the Federation

I am starting to see that our only option here on planet earth is a mass action by humanity. Maybe then you, the supreme federation of united planets will wake up and start exploring the realms of emotion. I am starting to realize that that is why I came to this planet and have spent so many lifetimes here.

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United Federation of Planets

Our blessed planet Earth is a schoolroom for us to develop consciousness in our human race. We are learning to be aware as all the many interstellar races have done before us. Ours is a school to learn to resolve differences and to learn to manifest beautiful things.

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CHANGE Perhaps it is Different

Why is the first thing people say to me, “are you okay?”

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Dr. Joe Diuspenza

Joe Dispenza teaches neuroscience and human potential internationally.

He shows you how to rewire your brain with scientific information so you can re-educate it and your neural network to create lasting changes in reconditioning your self to reflect what you want, as opposed to what is reflected from your past.

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