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What do your web search say about you?

A major digital privacy issue arises when your search history is tracked.

While it may seem innocuous, in the age of big data and AI, your web searches are used to make a quite detailed profile - your gender, age, ethnicity, relationship status, income level, and a host of other social indicators can be inferred just from a history of your search terms.

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The collapse of shared reality?

I'm more familiar with technology trends than those in the social and psychological realms.  But it seems we are at the cusp of a radical transformation in the way we perceive a sense of shared reality, largely due to emerging audio / video technologies.

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Open letter to the PM

Prime Minister Trudeau,

I am writing to express shock, disappointment, and no small measure of outrage with statements I read and heard you make in various news reports about your recent townhall meetings in Alberta and BC.

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False Attribution and Half-Truth

A letter to the PRRD Directors,

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Vote Together

Sheila started an interesting discussion about vote splitting.

I want to continue that thread by recommending to anyone who will be voting ABC (Anything But Conservative) in the coming election to get detailed strategic voting information from the Vote Together website, so we can avoid vote splitting and defeat Harper.

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