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False Attribution and Half-Truth

A letter to the PRRD Directors,

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Vote Together

Sheila started an interesting discussion about vote splitting.

I want to continue that thread by recommending to anyone who will be voting ABC (Anything But Conservative) in the coming election to get detailed strategic voting information from the Vote Together website, so we can avoid vote splitting and defeat Harper.

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Lasqueti punches above its weight in TransMountain pipeline hearing

The National Energy Board’s "public" process for Trans-Mountain pipeline is deeply flawed, and only allowed a select few  - just 1250 “Commentors” were allowed to address the board.   But amazingly, SEVEN Lasquetians were selected and wrote letters of comments - our contributions represent over 0.5% of all Commentors, though we only account for less th

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Freezing Weather and Water Jackets!

If you heat water with your woodstove, you need to be aware of the potentially explosive force of steam - if water heated in the jacket has nowhere to go, it can explode with the force of dynamite!  Here's a compelling example from Gabriola:

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The Big Hoax

I don't have the source for this, but wanted to share.  Hoping the original author would see the value in spreading this meme....

What if climate change is just a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

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