Can I live on Lasqueti?


We get 3 or 4 requests a month asking how one goes about visiting / renting / buying / working on Lasqueti, or just about what life is like here. 
Here are few real messages we have received, with apologies for my irreverent answers:

Is there free land in Lasqueti?


Living on the island seems like the perfect place for me to go, I just don't know what I'll do when I get there, or first of all, how I will get there. Any tips or help?


Is everyone welcome to Lasqueti ?

Only nice people.

I am  just wondering if you have camping available?


How much do you have to pay for land on the island

How much do I have to pay or how much do you have to pay?

I was wondering if anyone is allowed to move to Lasqueti Island?

We were wondering if there is some way to stop 'em.

i just need more info on migrating to your community. can you show up and just find crown land to live off of?


i was wanting to see if i am able to survive off the grid with my two small kids
i have most camping gear..please let me know.

I'd like to see that too!

I would like too buy some land on your island ,anything for sale?

Ask Lisa...

Are there any Building Codes on the Island?

Yes, but no Building Inspectors cheeky

I must ask:  Life there on Lasqueti seems like a rural paradise - I was wondering; how does one come to live in such a community or are all who live there descended from the original settlers?

It's not (paradise, that is); by moving (generally to Lasqueti, that is); No.

I heard about this place on the radio.  Do you have an area for
vacationers?  What is the weather like?  What is there to do?

No. It rains constantly. Umbrella repair.

 I have recently learned of your paradise and I would very much like to become a member.

It's not paradise!  It's not a club

I am wondering if there is some matter I can apprentice to learn to fully survive on your island. I may have only a few skills, but I wish to contribute as much as I can.

It's all we'd ask of anyone :-)   Try Jessie...

I'm wondering if a resident on the island would consider writing to me
and helping me figure out if moving there is a feasible idea?  I'm looking
for information on living costs and the realities of living off-grid as a
single woman with little experience but a willingness to learn.  Thanks for
your help.

You've come to the right place.

We've never been to the island and wondered if there is a pub at or near
the ferry dock.


I would like to know how i would become a member of the lasqueti
community.we are a young couple trying to get away from the everyday

Are you saying we're not normal?

I'm travelling around Canada with my friend Aurora, we think that the way you are living is very interesting, so we would like to meet you and stay a few days helping you or wathever. If it's possible please contact me, it would be so nice! thankyou and have a nice day!

We love you already - please come and WWOOF...

Hi. Saw the TV program and would love to live off the grid.

You saw it on TV, so it must be true!

I just saw a tv special on your island. I have to say it was one of the most inspirational things I have seen in a long time. The people that live there off the power and resources of the island amaze me. I think it is wonderful that you have found such a beautiful spot to enjoy the true wonders of the world in their natural state. I am not one that could cope with such a lifestyle, but I admire those that can. I would love to be able to visit the island, do you offer accommodations for people that would like to experience the wonder of your world? I would love to be able to show my children that there is more to life than the conveniences of modern life. It scares me that they could possibly grow up not appreciating the enjoyment of life without tv, computers and cell phones.

Please come - your kids need us.  Visitors...

I came across your web site by accident when I saw your group profile
on  I was interested in information about visiting Lasqueti
Island, perhaps as an initial visit to moving and living there.

Please come - Kiva rocks.