Logging History

Logging history of Lasqueti (Xwe?etay/Xwe”i”tay)

While doing my research on pre-settlement CDF forests, I picked up a lot of additional information about historical logging and logging on Lasqueti. Much of the logging history of Lasqueti needs to be interpreted from other areas, because I have found little direct information.

This report documents:

  • First Nation use

  • Rat Portage Timber lease

  • Machinery used by Rat Potage/Hillis Logging

  • General Logging history

  • Johnny Osland and local oral history

  • Other patterns from logging

  • Summary of logging on the Unceded lands/Crown Lands

And covers periods:

  • pre-1920
  • 1920 - 1940's
  • 1947 - late 1960's
  • 1976 - present

... Please see attached PDF for complete report ...

Logging History on Lasqueti (pdf)343 KB