Lasqueti Internet Access Society (LIAS)

"Internet Access for the Central Strait and Northern Gulf Islands"

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The Lasqueti Internet Access Society (LIAS)  is a non-profit volunteer member-based organization founded in 2000 with aid of the Federal Community Access Program and cooperation from SCHOOL District #69. In the summer of 2007, the Lasqueti Internet Access Society set up a broadband radio transmitter on the Quality Foods building on the Alberni highway above Parksville. This equipment provides a dedicated, wireless high-speed internet connection to both residents and visitors to Lasqueti Island and surrounding areas. 

Considering the topography of the Island, weather conditions, lack of grid support and limited resources, it’s a tribute to our community that it functions as well as it does. Anyone who can receive our signal can purchase an annual data plan and join the Lasqueti Wireless system. In 2017, LIAS broke the mould of all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and created the first annual data plan service in the Industry, and stopped charging overage fees.

LIAS manages and maintains the infrastructure (e.g., radio towers, hosting contracts, email servers, et cetera). Most of the services are independently managed (e.g., the content of the website is user generated) inclusive of the listserve, which is independently managed by the community moderators.

Internet service is a critical element to life here, and our members are our greatest asset. We gratefully acknowledge and give thanks to the many folks who volunteer their time to sit on the LIAS board, maintain the website and email list, and who have worked tirelessly to research, configure, test, set up, and maintain the Lasqueti Wireless network.

LIAS is currently managing / hosting 5 major projects:

  • Lasqueti Wireless (High-speed Internet Access, available on Lasqueti and Texada)
  • (our community website & e-mail service)
  • Hotspots: Open WiFi located at the Free Store and Provisions in False Bay
  • Project: Improving Economic Vibrancy: A Lasqueti Island Initiative project through BC Rural Dividend Funding
  • Infra-strucure: maintenance and improvements of towers, radios, power systems etc. 

LIAS Directors 2024/ 25:

A volunteer board steers the organization and does much of the system planning and member-relations work.

President: Lucas D.; Vice-President: Larry M.; Treasurer: Tracey L. Secretary: Peter J.; Community Liaison: Camino C.; at large: Tanis D.;

Contact: directors [at] lias [dot] ca 

LIAS also employs part-time local contractors and other from time to time to achieve it's goals and mission.

Network Technician: Larry Manahan service [at] lias [dot] ca

Web Master: Joseph Fall web [at] lias [dot] ca


All annual broadband wireless data plans include membership. If you would like to join LIAS, you can become a Member for only $25/year with the following benefits:

  • internet access at local hotspots (Free Store & Provisions)
  • up to 2 email addresses
  • access to free sub-domains (e.g.,,
  • access to inexpensive web hosting on the LIAS server
  • support for local, community-operated communications infrastructure

Contact Us:

Please keep in mind that Lasqueti Wireless is run by a group of dedicated part-time staff and volunteers as a mission-oriented community service. We try very hard to support our users as quickly as possible.Thank you for your patience.

Phone #'s: Toll-Free (leave a message): LIAS: 1.855.767.5427 GBIS 1. 855.767.4247

* note: messages are converted to an email and will be replied to ASAP 

Email:  info [at] lias [dot] ca (subject: LIAS)