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The Lasqueti Internet Access Society (aka LIAS)  is a non-profit volunteer based organization that exists because it's members make it work. Considering the topography of the Island, weather conditions, lack of grid support and limited resources, it’s a tribute to our community that it functions at all. Internet service is now a critical element to life here, and our members are our greatest asset. If LIAS was run simply as a Utility company, the rates would be higher, the benefits no better and the profits go elsewhere. We gratefully acknowledge and give thanks to the many folks who volunteer their time to sit on the LIAS board, maintain the website and email list, and who have worked tirelessly to research, configure, test, set-up, and maintain the Lasqueti Wireless network.

Bigger, Better, Faster ....?

After ten years of serving the Lasqueti community, LIAS broke the mold of all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and created the First Annual Data Plan Service in the Industry in October 2017, and also stopped charging overage fees. LIAS began with a 10MB service for the whole island and 3 years ago upgraded to 30MBs. But because usage continues to increase, we recently negotiated a new agreement with Telus to provide us with 200MBs. We are in the process of implementing this change, and in some cases will require new equipment to be purchased and installed, so not everyone will experience higher speeds immediately.

There are two ways to access internet on Lasqueti through LIAS:

1. Hotspot access

Hotspot access is a public service offered by LIAS in certain areas of Lasqueti - around the LIAS office and some areas of False Bay (Blue Roof and Provisions). This is a limited service, intended as a convenience for Lasqueti residents and visitors, so that you can get online for short tasks, like checking e-mail or looking up a local business.  Use is limited to ONE hour per day between 7am and 7pm.

2. Personal Home Use:  

To set up high speed internet at home, you will need a radio installed by one of our Techs to receive the wireless signal from our network. The cost of set up varies from about $250 to $450 depending on each individual circumstance. For the internet service fees, see rates. If you are interested or want to learn if you can receive an internet signal, please contact us.

Lasqueti Wireless Rates

As of Nov. 1st/ 2018. Annual accounts include membership to LIAS.

Term GB/Plan Fee Payment Method
Hotspot 1 hour / day Free Gratis
Monthly Update: We no longer offer monthly options since they are costly to administer and because most temporary visitors to the island now have cell phone data plans.    
5 months/ 150GB  



E-transfer, Paypal  or Cheque

Annual Lite 12 months/ 240 GB $425/year E-transfer, Paypal  or Cheque
Annual Standard
12 months/ 600GB $625/year E-transfer, Paypal or Cheque

Annual High

12 months/ 1200GB


E-transfer, Paypal or Cheque
Additional Data 100 GB to be used within the subscription period. $100 E-transfer, Paypal or Cheque



Please Read This Fine Print!

Because we are a lean team of volunteers supported by some part-time staff hours, we have created annual data plans to create ease (i.e. one invoice / payment per year) and avoid extra billing/ payment transactions. If you are unable to pay for the annual plans in one lump sum payment, we can arrange to bill you on a half year cycle (but this is not preferred). Email: accounts [at] lias [dot] ca (subject: Internet%20Service%20on%20Lasqueti) to ask about this.

Current annual plan members will be rolled into the new plans automatically and will be billed at the new rate on their billing anniversary according to their historical usage. In other words there’s nothing you need to do until your annual plan is up for renewal. We will be monitoring your usage and will recommend which plan you will need. Because of the all the changes, members will not be able to check their actual usage for the immediate future.

When data plans run out the accounts transition as follows:

  • Annual plans shift to reduced status which still allows for internet browsing but not streaming etc.
  • Seasonal plans shift to 'super slow mode' which will allow them to access the network for a service renewal email to us.
  • If members want more data it’s $100 per 100 GB until their term ends or they can sign up for a new yearly plan at a more appropriate rate for their usage.

Renew Internet

  • Annual members: You will receive an invoice via Paypal 30 days prior to the account due. You are able to pay for this invoice by credit card via Paypal, e-transfer or cheque. Our preference because of paypal fees is to receive payments via e-transfer to accounts [at] lias [dot] ca or cheque. We send out an invoice at the beginning of the month, plus at least one reminder. If payment is received by etransfer or cheque by the due date a $25 credit towards next years bill will be applied.
  • If you do not pay your invoice by the due date, your account will be slowed and you will charged an additional $35 re-connection fee to cover the associated admin costs.
  • Seasonal members: Please contact us to confirm your internet will be active when you get here and we'll send you an invoice as per your requirements.

Data Usage: Tips

Remember: you control your own usage. Smart phones and tablets use a huge amount of data, constantly: if you leave them on, they are talking to the world even if you are not.  Uncontrolled Data use is not only a problem for your wallet but, as many of us have to share portals with others we degrade their connectivity with unnecessary use. 

  • Put your devices on airplane mode  or turned off completely, or they will use up your data.
  • When using programs such as YouTube or Facebook, make sure you've closed them properly or they will continue to run in the background. 
  • Remind your guests that they can use up your data at a very high rate and it will affect your costs!
  • Consider having an on/ off switch and only turn the radio on when wifi is needed.
  • If you do a lot of downloading, try to do it in off peak times, such as before  6pm or after 11 pm. This will enable  your neighbors to use their share of the bandwidth without  problems and stoppages.

How to Reduce Your Bandwidth Consumption on Netflix:

To set your Netflix data usage, log in to your Netflix account, click your account name at the top-right portion of the browser window, and select Your Account. On the Account page, scroll down until you see Playback Settings listed in the “My Profile” section. Click it to view data usage and episode playback settings. There are four quality settings that will affect both picture quality and data usage. In order to be bandwidth-conscious, sticking with the “Low setting" will ensure that you can still enjoy Netflix content with minimal impact on data usage.

Getting Help

- Having trouble with the sign-up or login procedure? 
- Paypal giving you woes?
- Need assistance evaluating your location?
- Want to buy a radio antenae or hire an installer?      

For help with any Lasqueti Wireless issues, please contact...

LIAS Board of Directors: a volunteer board steers the organization and does much of the system planning and member-relations work.   Contact: directors [at] lias [dot] ca 

LIAS also employs two part-time local contractors:

  • Larry Manahan: service [at] lias [dot] ca
  • Tanis Dagert: accounts [at] lias [dot] ca

Questions? Contact: info [at] lias [dot] ca

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If you have questions see the LIAS Forum "How does our broadband work"