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Islanders Occupy the Sabine Channel for a Coal Free Salish Sea

Eoghan Moriarty's short video documentary:

Aquaculture might affect Herring

Please see the attached letter for information and addresses to write in objection to the applications for new aquaculture licenses that would affect 22% of the herring on the BC coast. 

coal passing by Lasqueti through Sabine Channel to Texada and then China and ports west

Merrick and I were discussing the proposed US coal that the Port of Metro Vancouver is planning to send to Texada Isl. for storage and then export to ports west (China, etc.). He says he's heard very little objection to this proposal from Lasquetians.

message from another Pacific Islander

I rec'd this message, but just opened it. I thought you might find it inspiring to read this message from another pacific islander:



Malo ni!

My name is Mikaele Maiava. I'm writing from the Pacific Island archipelago of Tokelau to ask you to join with us in action as we take on the fossil fuel industry.

Sacred Headwaters protected from gas drilling!


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