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hummingbird feeders

I've been wondering lately about the health of sugar in hummingbird feeders. I just researched it and learned:

Hummingbirds and Artificial Feeders

speak out against Bill C-38 (the war against nature)

I encourage you to call your MP  to ask them to vote for the amendments Elizabeth May will be proposing on the omnibus budget implementation bill, or at least vote against Bill C-38 - which changes more than 70 bills, and weakens or  eliminates environmental protection acts, statutes, inte

Gorgeous photos of the boreal - and the Tar Sands - beauty and the beast!

This past weekend we went to Victoria to the Creatively United - Earth Day event. We listened to great performers, Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright, and Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn. It was inspirational. As most people know the Hearings about the Enbridge pipeline are taking place this spring here on the coast.

Yellow Flag Iris

That beautiful iris is actually invasive. If you want to know more:



Raven coalmine at Fanny Bay - public rally January 21st, 2012 Buckley Bay

Solidarity Not Compliance! (A rally and call to action against coal mines on V.I.)

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