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background and opinion on guest cabin survey and issue

I think it was unwise for our Local Trust Committee to put forward this survey.

I offer here some history, information and views on the Guest Cabin issue, in the hope that we can have discussions and exchange views and salvage something useful from this process. Use of guest cabins is a very important question, with huge impacts on our community and island.

Community Survey - Aging at Home on Lasqueti Island

Island Trust planner Theresa Ritterman and a colleague were at the market last Saturday, along with paper copies of a survey on "The use of guest cabins, Temporary Use Permits, and secondary suites" that is being conducted from July 7 to August 7.

Seeking Bat & Toad Observations

Hi everyone!

We at the Coastal Douglas-fir Species at Risk project need your help this summer! We are on the lookout for two species over the next few months, and were hoping you would be our eyes and ears over this time. Here is what we are looking for:

A concerned friend of Chilean David's

I had the privilege of meeting Chilean David about a month ago when he came into the store at Provisions. I was immediately struck by his kind energy. I could tell he was a good person. Though I speak hardly any Spanish we found a way to communicate and we laughed and cried together. When I was feeling lonely he said he would be my friend and he was.

Is your garden hungry?

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