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Roots Roundup

Roots Roundup Returns!
I am reposting this because it was supposed to make it into the paper but didn't....tell your non-internet friends, this show is not to be missed!

Request for Proposal Generator Shed at the Judith Fisher Centre

The Board of the Last Resort Society is seeking proposals for the building of a generator shed at the Judith Fisher Centre. Since fall is on the way the timelines for this project are coming up quickly. The deadline for submitting the proposal is 4:00 PM on Aug 28 and construction should, ideally, start September 1st or very soon thereafter. The completion date is October 1st, 2017.

Lasqueti Day


Lasqueti Day Parade and Silly Boat Race: Saturday, August 26

Parade muster 12:00 noon at the T-pot corner. Silly Boats must be homemade, no kayaks, canoes, or rubber blow ups. Use your ingenuity!

See you all there to celebrate our unique island!

Roots Roundup


Roots Roundup Returns!

Fire Hazard Rating

As of Monday the 31st of july, we have moved to an Extreme level of fire hazard. This means that from the 2nd of august 2017, we will have a full ban of high risk activities ( ie: using a power saw). For a more complete list of high risk activities or more information please visit the link below.


Fire Safety; High Risk Activities

We are Currently at a High state of risk for Fire Hazard Rating and have been there for more than 3 days. Which means that high risk activities (such as running a power saw) must stop by 1pm and be followed by a 2 hours fire watch. Once the Hazard Rating has escalated to Extreme for 3 days we will have a full stop to such activities. This is likely to happen soon. 

Dump Truck on Lake Road hill

There's a dump truck, with no license plates, that has been left just off the side of the road at the top of the hill after you turn off Main Road onto Lake road.

It's been sitting there for well over two months. Could whoever owns it please move it off our property?


David & Laura

Here's a photo of the truck:

Comments on Guest cabins from Jessie McCooey

Growing up on Hornby Island where our community was around 1200 locals dwindled down to a small 400 to 500 people later on due to price of property, lack of rentals and lack of work. Hornby turned into a haven for the rich to buy property and only use it during summertime, not renting to the community during winter months.

background and opinion on guest cabin survey and issue

I think it was unwise for our Local Trust Committee to put forward this survey.

I offer here some history, information and views on the Guest Cabin issue, in the hope that we can have discussions and exchange views and salvage something useful from this process. Use of guest cabins is a very important question, with huge impacts on our community and island.

Community Survey - Aging at Home on Lasqueti Island

Island Trust planner Theresa Ritterman and a colleague were at the market last Saturday, along with paper copies of a survey on "The use of guest cabins, Temporary Use Permits, and secondary suites" that is being conducted from July 7 to August 7.