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Notice: Orange Flagging Tape on Several Roads

Hi everyone,

ferry update, fare increase May 1

Capt Allan Knapp says that the Centurion VII will be here and providing our ferry service through Monday, April 3. Starting Thursday, April 6, MV Hollyburn will be our ferry, probably for a month or so.

email to Merrick requesting his resignation

I sent this email to Merrick earlier today:


6:45pm ferry scheduled for Monday, April 17

Captain Al has confirmed to our ferry committee chair, Shelley, that there is a 6:45pm ferry sailing from False Bay scheduled for Easter Monday, April 16.


The WPM Lasqueti ferry web page http://www.wpm-1.com/?page_id=71  states that Peak Season (with higher fares and Wednesday sailings) begins on the last Wednesday in June and runs through Labour Day.

LVFD/First Responders and Health Centre washroom

Last spring, the Board of the Last Resort Society indicated to the PRRD that it intended to formulate policy around the use of our washroom facilities for LVFD, First Responders, and Waste Management employees.

After receipt of a request from PPRD, a policy was drafted and forwarded to them concerning use by Waste Management employees.

Lasqueti fire department budget for consideration by PRRD

I have just had it confirmed by Linda Greenan, PRRD financial officer, that the LIVFD budget to be considered Thursday night by the RD board for adoption in the 2017 budget has been reduced to a total of $101,634. This is $4,031 more than was actually spent for/by our fire department last year.

Wednesday morning and our FD budget saga

Early this morning I checked the agenda package for Thursday night's board meeting, when they will be adopting the budget. I had not heard a response from Merrick, and was anxious to know what was happening or might happen with our FD budget.

Here's the email I sent him this morning at 8:45:


Something doesn't add up, or subtract correctly with FD budget

I just got off the phone with Merrick asking him to explain how the FD budget can be increasing by 2.2% when he has told us he is making the cuts outlined in my email to him (copied below). He tells me that he has made further cuts to the communications budget, to $11,000, which should make the total cut $55,306.  This would make a 2-17 budget of $103,248 ($158,554 - $55,306).

emails to Merrick about Lasqueti fire department budget

These are emails from me to Merrick during the CoW meeting this afternoon, from Merrick to me after the meeting, and again from me to Merrick Thursday evening.