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The balance between light and shadow has tilted, weighing down heavier on the shadowed side..November appears in a whirling dervish of wind and sheets of water. There was darkness and wind when I... read more...

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Like many Lasquetians our phone service has been very...
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Soils for Starts! posted by jessiedawe
Jan 10, 2017
With this nasty cold weather, I know you gardeners are already chomping at the bit with your seed... read more
groceries on 2:30 ferry posted by Peter Johnston
Jan 7, 2017
Harry called and said that, because Thrifty's doesn't have a morning delivery person, their... read more
Friday 5:30 ferry running - but no groceries posted by Peter Johnston
Jan 6, 2017
Harry phoned from the ferry. When they decided to make the 5:30 run tonight (yuk!) it was too late... read more
Flu bugs, etc. posted by reverend
Jan 6, 2017
There's a nasty fact-resistant strain of post-truth making the rounds. Stay warm and informed... read more
ferry cancellation posted by Peter Johnston
Jan 6, 2017
Harry called a few minutes ago to say that they were cancelling the 9:45 ferry, and also the 11 o... read more
Nursing schedule posted by DMcClure
Dec 30, 2016
Due to weather the nursing clinic was canceled on Thursday December 29th.The next nursing clinic... read more
Dec 29th 11:00am will run posted by WPM
Dec 29, 2016
 Wind has come down and we are running on schedule  read more
Wednesday Social posted by reverend
Dec 26, 2016
For those that are wondering, YES, there is a Social this Wednesday, Dec. 28. Come on down! read more
from The Way We Eat: why our food choices matter on Whole Foods Market posted by Peter Johnston
Dec 25, 2016
from The Way We Eat: Why our food choices matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason p177-183   A... read more