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After passing a motion to invite me to a meeting, confirming that invitations multiple times, and then having me travel from Lasqueti to Powell River (a 2 day round-trip, requiring 2 overnight stays... read more...

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Dark Day Ramblings
The balance between light and shadow has tilted, weighing...
Like many Lasquetians our phone service has been very...

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Community Survey - Aging at Home on Lasqueti Island posted by Peter Johnston
Jul 12, 2017
Island Trust planner Theresa Ritterman and a colleague were at the market last Saturday, along with... read more
Seeking Bat & Toad Observations posted by Species at Risk...
Jul 4, 2017
Hi everyone! We at the Coastal Douglas-fir Species at Risk project need your help this... read more
A concerned friend of Chilean David's posted by lilayogi
Jul 2, 2017
I had the privilege of meeting Chilean David about a month ago when he came into the store at... read more
Is your garden hungry? posted by jessiedawe
Jun 30, 2017
Are your plants looking hungry? I've got what you need! 240-7307 Alaska Fish - $32 Botanicare... read more
Wednesday Sailings start June 28th posted by WPM
Jun 19, 2017
    Greetings,      Just a reminder that summer schedule starts next... read more
More cancelled sailings June 15th. posted by WPM
Jun 15, 2017
The 2:30 and 4:00 are also cancelled. read more
Cancelled sailings. June 15th. posted by WPM
Jun 15, 2017
The 9:45 and the 11:00 are cancelled today due to bad weather. read more
Centurion VII back Thursday posted by Peter Johnston
Jun 13, 2017
Al informs the ferry committee, and asks that we inform the community, that our regular ferry... read more
Centurion V11 June 15 is back posted by WPM
Jun 13, 2017
Great news the Centurion V11 is back in business. read more
K1 dusty road posted by Barry Churchill
Jun 12, 2017
Hi all, well …here's another voice for dust control on K1 to the Tea Pot house. Pave the... read more