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A major digital privacy issue arises when your search history is tracked. While it may seem innocuous, in the age of big data and AI, your web searches are used to make a quite detailed profile -... read more...

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I'm more familiar with technology trends than those in...
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The Seeking Balance Wheel is immensely important for the...

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Local Trust Committee Special Meeting Canceled posted by reverend
Mar 11, 2018
Due to my incapacitating back spasms, and that our electronic meeting bylaw states that no more... read more
The Science of Sychronicity posted by earthhealing
Mar 10, 2018
Before you decided to come to earth, you were living in God energy (multidimensionality) and you... read more
Looking for my Father posted by leena121
Mar 8, 2018
Good Day to all who get the chance to read this, My name is Sarah-Louise Barker. I am looking for... read more
Next Soil Delivery posted by JessieD
Mar 5, 2018
The next Soil order will be delivered to the ramp Saturday March 17. Please let me know by the 13th... read more
Local Trust Committee Special Meeting posted by reverend
Mar 2, 2018
We will be holding a Special Meeting on Monday, March 12, to consider amendments to the... read more
More well and water information posted by Peter Johnston
Feb 22, 2018
Last year I received a package of information on wells and water from the Trust office. It's... read more
Seawater intrusion challenges coastal communities 2 posted by Peter Johnston
Feb 20, 2018
Here is page 2 of the document. Page 1 is located at read more
Draft Bylaw 95 - Subdivision Regulations posted by Peter Johnston
Feb 19, 2018
Hello Laura, Susan and Tim, I have serious concerns about Draft Bylaw 95 - Subdivision Regulations... read more
Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting Monday posted by Peter Johnston
Feb 15, 2018
There is a Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting scheduled for Monday at 11am at the Judith Fisher... read more
NOTICE OF PARCEL TAX ROLL posted by Powell River Re...
Feb 14, 2018
POWELL RIVER REGIONAL DISTRICT Lasqueti Island Fire Protection Local Service Area   Property... read more