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A letter to the PRRD Directors, The agenda of the last Committee of the Whole meeting (on page 119), contains an excerpt from a document titled "Which Hat am I Wearing Now" by Eli Mina.... read more...

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World Peace
August 17, 2017 Dear Nikki and Darren, Thank you very much...
After passing a motion to invite me to a meeting,...

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Fire Hazard Rating posted by LVFD
Jul 31, 2017
As of Monday the 31st of july, we have moved to an Extreme level of fire hazard. This means... read more
Fire Safety; High Risk Activities posted by LVFD
Jul 19, 2017
We are Currently at a High state of risk for Fire Hazard Rating and have been there for more than 3... read more
More Shenanigans at the PRRD posted by andrew fall
Jul 17, 2017
After passing a motion to invite me to a meeting, confirming that invitations multiple times, and... read more
Dump Truck on Lake Road hill posted by David and Laura
Jul 14, 2017
There's a dump truck, with no license plates, that has been left just off the side of the... read more
Comments on Guest cabins from Jessie McCooey posted by jessiedawe
Jul 14, 2017
Growing up on Hornby Island where our community was around 1200 locals dwindled down to a small 400... read more
background and opinion on guest cabin survey and issue posted by Peter Johnston
Jul 12, 2017
I think it was unwise for our Local Trust Committee to put forward this survey. I offer here some... read more
Community Survey - Aging at Home on Lasqueti Island posted by Peter Johnston
Jul 12, 2017
Island Trust planner Theresa Ritterman and a colleague were at the market last Saturday, along with... read more
Seeking Bat & Toad Observations posted by Species at Risk...
Jul 4, 2017
Hi everyone! We at the Coastal Douglas-fir Species at Risk project need your help this... read more
A concerned friend of Chilean David's posted by lilayogi
Jul 2, 2017
I had the privilege of meeting Chilean David about a month ago when he came into the store at... read more
Is your garden hungry? posted by jessiedawe
Jun 30, 2017
Are your plants looking hungry? I've got what you need! 240-7307 Alaska Fish - $32 Botanicare... read more