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What's a blog?

Short for "weB log", a blog is simply your personal space on  You don't need to worry about your article fitting into a category, or being relevant to everyone - this is your space and you can post what you like there.  For example, if you are an avid gardner, you could keep entries for different planting dates or organic insect control me

Manage your Market Page

"Market Pages" were created for the Lasqueti Market Association, primarily as an easy way for farms, bakers, and craftspeople to maintain the listings in the Lasqueti Farmer's Market.

Farmer's Market

Pages in the Farmer's Market, with their associated produce lists, represent a fairly complex set of inter-relations.  Understanding how the various node types, cck fields, categories, and views fit together will take some time.  However, setting up and maintaining a Farmer's Market page is not hard, but you need to be quite careful to get the relationships right:

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