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Let's Talk Trash - Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Let’s Talk Trash - February 2023 - Alternatives to Toilet Paper


Lets Talk Trash - 7 R's

LTT - January 2023 - 7 R’s


Happy New Year Lasquetians! When it comes to waste management, most of us are familiar with the guiding concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” but there are (at least) 7 R’s of Sustainability. Perhaps 2023 will be a year for adopting more of them. 


Let's Talk Trash - Reduce Holiday Waste

LTT - December 2022 - Reduce Holiday Waste


Let's Talk Trash - Food Waste

LTT - November 2022 - Food Waste


Let's Talk Trash - Pill Disposal

Let’s Talk Trash October  2022 – Pill Disposal


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