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Services for delivery on Lasqueti (grocery pick-up from ferry, etc.)

Info on delivery of goods and services on Lasqueti

Pickup from Lasqueti ferry at False Bay, and delivery to you

Volunteer Delivery Details from Coordinator Sylvia St. Ledger:

Service disruptions and restrictions (ferry, medical, school, recycling, etc.)

We are doing our best to keep this information on disruptions or changes to local services up to date. If something has changed, please contact Andrew Fall.


NEW: As of March 26 (updated April 7):

Risks to essential services (note from Regional Director, A. Fall)

Risks to essential services (from Andrew Fall, Lasqueti Regional Director)

Contacts for local response (information and to offer help)

The following are the main contacts for different local response activities, if you want to offer to help or to find out more information


Local response coordinator:

  • Darcy Pascall (darcypascall at


Local elected representatives:

Provincial and Federal Health Orders and Notices

Below are some of the Provincial and Federal Health Orders and Notices regarding COVID-19.


Transport Canada: New Mandatory Marine Measures

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