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Lisa's Fabulous 50th Tonight!

One final reminder to come help Lisa celebrate her half-century tonight, Saturday Dec.16, 7PM at the Hall. Potluck & BYOB. Music and dancing. Everyone welcome!

Laurie Gourlay

Laurie Gourlay died on November 14 this year. Laurie was a passionate environmentalist and organizer, who I met facilitating his presentation to Trust Council on his efforts to have the Salish Sea declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a memorial to him, I am providing the link to the online petition in support of this project below.

Island Politics

I write this as a letter of encouragement to my friends and community to participate in the politics that govern Lasqueti. Whether you own land here or rent, the policies and bylaws that are instituted by Islands Trust affect you. If we are not paying attention, other people are going to make rules for us that we don’t like.  Currently the meetings are sparsely attended.

Official Community Plan review

Many Lasqueti people think it is time to begin a review of our Official Community Plan (OCP), and Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

If you are interested, it would probably be a good idea to read these two documents. The OCP is meant to state the philosophy and goals of the community, and the LUB the nuts and bolts of what is and isn't allowed on the various parts of the island.

Lisa's Fabulous 50th!

Please come help Lisa Peterson (or Orr to some) celebrate her half-century! Potluck and BYOB, music and dancing, starting at 7 PM, Saturday, December 16th, at the Hall.

Off the grid families

Dorsey Pictures is looking for couples and families who are either living in or about to move to a remote and rugged location!


If daily life is (or is about to be) an adventure for you and your family and you’re open to sharing your story, we want to hear from you!!


Please email whayes [at] dorseytv [dot] com as soon as possible, as casting has already begun.


In the email, please provide the following information:







Check out http://www.dorseypictures.tv/ to learn

about the shows we produce!



Time remaining: 79%
31/12/2018 (44 weeks)

Shoreline Protection Project meetings

Most of us on Lasqueti found an invitation from LIRA in our mailboxes today to attend a meeting about Shoreline Protection on Sunday afternoon at the hall.

I found some of the statements in it to be a bit extreme and/or misleading.