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Soils for Spring

The days are warming up and the bulbs are starting to sprout.  Bet you can't wait to get in the garden!  The first of the soils will be arriving February 18th.  Want some?

Pre-order and get it to the ramp for easy pick up.

Call or email to place your order.   250-240-7307 islandbluff [at] hotmail  

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Othello at the Hall!!

I won't pretend to know much about Shakespeare, but I loved what was created today at our Community Hall.

Opening day jitters and cordless mic tweaking aside, there was some serious acting and singing that put a smile on my face the entire time.

Soils for Starts!

With this nasty cold weather, I know you gardeners are already chomping at the bit with your seed catalogues and new ideas for the season so I am getting the first of the soil orders underway and will continue to bring orders in throughout the season..

Pre-order and get it to the ramp for easy pick up. First order to arrive Saturday Feb. 18th 

groceries on 2:30 ferry

Harry called and said that, because Thrifty's doesn't have a morning delivery person, their groceries will be on the 2:30 ferry today, not the 9:45 as previously announced.

Friday 5:30 ferry running - but no groceries

Harry phoned from the ferry. When they decided to make the 5:30 run tonight (yuk!) it was too late to load the groceries. They will come over on the first ferry tomorrow. They are not on the ferry tonight.

Flu bugs, etc.

There's a nasty fact-resistant strain of post-truth making the rounds. Stay warm and informed!


ferry cancellation

Harry called a few minutes ago to say that they were cancelling the 9:45 ferry, and also the 11 o'clock sailing today, Friday, January 6.

Nursing schedule

Due to weather the nursing clinic was canceled on Thursday December 29th.The next nursing clinic day will be Thursday January 5th 2017.

Dec 29th 11:00am will run

 Wind has come down and we are running on schedule