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Seeking Bat & Toad Observations

Hi everyone!

We at the Coastal Douglas-fir Species at Risk project need your help this summer! We are on the lookout for two species over the next few months, and were hoping you would be our eyes and ears over this time. Here is what we are looking for:

A concerned friend of Chilean David's

I had the privilege of meeting Chilean David about a month ago when he came into the store at Provisions. I was immediately struck by his kind energy. I could tell he was a good person. Though I speak hardly any Spanish we found a way to communicate and we laughed and cried together. When I was feeling lonely he said he would be my friend and he was.

Is your garden hungry?

Are your plants looking hungry?
I've got what you need! 240-7307
Alaska Fish - $32
Botanicare Pro Gro 10L - $135 ($30 cheaper than the other side)
Oceans plus Earth Fish Compost - $13/50L bag
Blended Manure - $4.75/10kg

Wednesday Sailings start June 28th





 Just a reminder that summer schedule starts next Wednesday June 28th 


Also fare increase for summer which is

  Adult 11.75

  Senior/child 5.75 

  Bikes             4.00

More cancelled sailings June 15th.

The 2:30 and 4:00 are also cancelled.

Provisions wants to turn your fruit and veg into yummy goodness!

Event Date: 
Jun 15 2017 - Jun 15 2018

Charlotte here for Camino an Dorothy at Provisions:

"We want to remind everyone on the island that either has a garden or farm that produces more than they need that we directly support local farming. At present as have ongoing relationships with several islanders from smaller gardens to larger farms that help us with the growing demand for local produce.

Cancelled sailings. June 15th.

The 9:45 and the 11:00 are cancelled today due to bad weather.

Centurion VII back Thursday

Al informs the ferry committee, and asks that we inform the community, that our regular ferry vessel, Centurion VII, will be back in service on its False Bay to French Creek run starting Thursday morning. Capacity is 59 passengers, but there will only be an extra run for overflow passengers if there are ten people left at the end of the day.

Centurion V11 June 15 is back

Great news the Centurion V11 is back in business.

Chuck Paine Double Ender Saliboat 25'

Chuck Paine Double Ender Built by Derek Cash in 1982.

25', sleeps 4 comfortably, kerosene heater and cook stove:

stainless steel ,both in working condition.
Solar panel for battery recharge, has interior lights.

 Yamaha 4stroke engine in good condition.

$10,000 US funds

email for photo's if interested.

It is a very, very pretty boat!! And sails well too!

Now resides on Lopez Island, but happy to bring it to you.

ps: If you know how to get a hold of Derek please let us know.


Time remaining: 35%
24/09/2017 (5 weeks)