Yoga with Amber

Yoga for the body and mind.

"The spirit of yoga is breath. Whether moving slow or fast, breath is the heart of one's practice. Sit comfortably, settle your mind, turn the senses inward, and allow the postures to unfold in your body."

Contact AmberBFA,RYT at 333-8775


  • All experience levels welcome.
  • Bring a mat and a light blanket.
  • Practice on an empty stomach.
  • Please arrive promptly.


Amber will lead you through a 1-on-1 yoga class designed to optimize your individual practice. Absolutely any level! Great for designing your own home practice. Small group instruction also available. Please call for availability throughout the year.            Rates: $80 for 75 minutes; $100 for 90 minutes; $120 for 120 minutes.

Full-day and half-day workshops, with focus on a specific aspect of yoga practice. July/August. Please call for upcoming schedules.

Multi-week sessions begin in the fall, winter and spring. Sessions are usually eight to ten weeks long. Rates: $95/$125 per session; $15 for drop-ins.

Class Descriptions:

Flow Yoga: An active vinyasa style that strengthens the body, breath and mind. Poses move in a fluid sequence. Deep ujjayi breath brings heat and rejuvenation to the body, clarity and calmness to the mind. Active beginners and experienced yogis welcome. Wednesdays at the Arts Centre.                                              

Hatha Yoga: A moderately moving class that develops postural alignment and breath awareness. We explore the traditional yoga postures, with variations for your current body conditions. All levels welcome. Wednesdays at the Arts Centre.

Restorative Yoga: Slow and soothing. Use deep natural breath to stretch and open the physical and energetic body. Props provided. All levels; ideal for people with injuries and chronic conditions. Wednesdays at the Arts Centre.

Kids Yoga: Develop strength and flexibility of body, clarity and concentration of mind. Kids will be introduced to a variety of traditional postures, and learn the basics of yogic breathing, bringing them a sense of peace and well-being. We will explore movements and activities that focus on making yoga FUN!  Available by arrangement.

Prenatal and Mom-and-baby Yoga: Explore these fascinating and powerful times of your life with yoga for the Goddess (and Mini-me!) Safe and effective stretches for pregnancy, and the first year of motherhood. Nourish yourself!  Available by arrangement.