Striped Chicken Farm & Feed

The Striped Chicken Farm and Feed Store

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ATENTION! Covid-19 measures in place at the feed store.  The store is OPEN but please stay outside and let me carry your items out.  


Mondy 11:00-3:00

Thursday 11:00-3:00



Call or text or email to have items left out in the shed to pick up anytime.  I have had trouble with ravens so items will be in totes or bins in the shed.

Delivery, charges apply


Call Silke at: text (250) 333 8822 


Pet Food & Supplies:
* Dog and Cat food
* Kitty litter
* Wild Bird Seed, Sunflower Seeds

Livestock Feed and Supplies:

* For Chickens, Goats, Hogs, Horses, Rabbits, Sheep, Ducks - organic and non-GMO available
* Mineral blocks, supplements, feed buckets, totes, care and grooming supplies
* Hay
* Straw
* Wood shavings

Live Chicks and Laying Hens! Spring only.

Farm & Fencing supplies:
* T-posts
* Wire Fencing
* Chicken Wire
* Netting
* Wheelbarrows, flat-free tires (yes!)
* Steel Barrels

On order:
* Hay,  Timothy, Alfalfa, Orchard Grass
* Water troughs
* Tidy tanks and pumps
We are competitively priced on island, you don't have to haul it on the ferry!

Please call if you can't make these hours and we'll figure something out that works for you.