Globe Artichokes

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very tasty

Grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Artichokes are the flower bud of a giant thistle! 
The flower is vivid purple and very large - makes a beautiful centre piece.
For eating, they're best when harvested just before the "choke" forms in the centre;

Our favourite recipe:

  • take 4 artichokes, (if spiny, cut the sharp tips and top off each one and remove any loose petals from stem)
  • cut each artichoke in half, lenthwise.  If the "choke" (fuzz in centre) has started to form in the centre, scoop it out
  • thinly slice 1/2 lemon and a large clove of galic
  • lightly coat each artichoke in olive oil (roll them in a shallow dish of oil)
  • on a baking pan or dish, arrange artichokes by placing a slice of lemon, then a few slices of garlic, then an artichoke half, flat side down.
  • bake covered at 400 deg. for about 30-40 mins, so the lemons are blackened and the garlic well roasted.
  • Serve!  These delicious treats require no further adournment

To eat an artichoke:

  • pull off the outer petals - each has a small pocket of flesh at the base which can be scooped off by pulling it through your teeth.  Discard the tough part of the petal.  The very outer petals are often bitter - discard these.
  • as you work towards the centre, the petals become more tender and have more flesh.
  • soon you can simply eat the entire petal
  • finally you arrive at the "heart" - the most delicate and delicious part.
  • you can eat the stem too - it is tender and tasty.


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