Energetic young adult looking for a work exchange

Hello, I am looking to make connections on the island and help out in whatever way I can. 

I have a big interest in self sustainability and love to learn practical projects, I have years of survival experience camping and fishing on Georgian Bay,  and know how to take care of myself in the Bush.

Ideally I would love to find a place to camp or stay long term in exchange for help, and get to learn lots of things from anyone willing to teach.

I believe its a really special and amazing thing the island has, and I'm willing to approach things with an open mind and stay positive throughout the journey!

Eventually I want to make lots of connections, go on adventures and achieve a lot together!

Hopefully I can find a permanent residence there and get to enjoy the finer things in life again because the city is driving me nuts lol.

Contact info: xxmikeygxx [at] outlook [dot] com 

Time remaining: 49%
01/01/2025 (36 weeks)