Looking for my Father

Good Day to all who get the chance to read this,

My name is Sarah-Louise Barker. I am looking for my father who left my life when I was 16 years old. His name is Michael Robin Barker. He spent some time in Mexico and was going by the name Miguel while there.

During the time he was gone, i had lost touch with my grandfather William Barker until recently when I surprised him with a visit during thanksgiving.

My grandfather told me that he had found my father, and he was living on Lasqueti Island. He said that my father was taking care of homes in the off season when people didn't live on the island. Grandpa actually called him but my father hung up on him.

Sadly my grandfather is not well enough to make the trip himself up there to find my father. I on the other hand really want to come visit and see what the island is like. I really hope to find my father while on vacation.

I wanted to see if I could find any help on finding him.

My info:

Sarah-Louise Barker

I am 36 years old and my bday is april 14th

Blue eyes and brown hair, i was born in an army hospital in North Carolina while my father was in the army. My mother is Mary-Lou. We lived on Sherman street in Westfield Massachusetts until my parents separated when I was 4.

Info about my dad:

Michael Robin Barker

He would be 65 this year and his birthday is in May. He is the youngest of 3 boys born from June and William Barker. He used to sport dark hair with a mustache and plays the guitar and piano. He would make up the best stories to help me when I would have anxiety as a kid.

I have a hole in my heart, in my life, and I just need to know what happened.

If you have any information or contact with him,

My email address is paintmeblu22 [at] gmail [dot] com

My cell number is 512-552-3618

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Young Family Seeking

Hi All,

I and my lady Sky have spent many months across various summers on Lasqueti Island. My partner and I regularly sail to the island and stay mostly on the south end but have moored all over the island. Mostly in Bath Tub bay on the south end across from Bull Island. We have met many of the homesteaders near that cove as well as plenty of people in town. My partner Sky knows a land owner there already, on the north end, but his name escapes me now and I'm posting this as a surprise for her as she is pretty bummed out about the banks news this past week
We feel a deep connection to the island when we are there and have been warmly received by the islanders. Our boat cat swam to the island one time and was returned by some anonymous, generous person to the BCSPCA on Vancouver island many months later after being found on their property though we do not know who did that but thanks from us and the swimming cat Tikka.

We currently live on the southern gulf islands. I am an electrical engineer and my partner a home care/youth care specialist. I garden though on the southern gulf island for a living, working a trade for our land space most of the time for the past six years. We recently have come into some money and work (I am making good bank in my electrical trade field again) and have been trying to get a loan from a bank for a property inquiry, after hopefully meeting some neighbors, on Main Road lot, 20.2 acres, to build our home, farm and family. Unfortunately, even with 25% down, we can't get a loan for there. The banks really don't like to loan for raw land on Lasqueti island apparently, for a house in the city though, they couldn't wait to put us into a life time of debt but that is not what we're after.

I'm writing because I hope to post on this forum to see if there is anyone with any connections to that land, or another deeded property of similar potential, that would like to meet us first and foremost and perhaps give us the opportunity to afford our dream on an island we feel deeply connected to. To farm and raise a life full, and by pass the banks who seem to own the dreams and potentials of society. We have the savings for something nice, and the drive to make it work. We are very self sustained with plenty of resources and knowledge here in the southern gulf islands, but its not the quietest place to raise our family. If you could grant us the time to talk, it would mean the world to us as we're not likely going to be sailing/ferrying there for the next few months to be able to post this ourselves in town. We'd love to be a part of this forward community if given the chance. Thanks for your time, Matt and Sky 250-537-0627 slowlygoing_crazy [at] hotmail [dot] com

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