General and skilled workers, year-round full and part time



General and Skilled workers, year-round full and part time positions available. 


The Safe Island Land Alliance is looking for "Jacks and Jills of all trades" with a passion for working and/or living off-grid. Ideally looking for people who have a background in some of the following: Carpentry, greenhouses, construction, gardening and permaculture.   

The work will be preparing the sites for cabins and building greenhouses.  

Only electric and/or hand tools will be used.  


Sites on this 68-hectare property will focus on individual homesteading.  


Jobs will entail a variety of tasks and needs for people who can work 100% independently and in a rural and undeveloped setting.  These positions are ideally suited to people already living on Lasqueti Island who have the homesteader/survivalist mentality, a passion for creating an Ecofriendly environment and want to protect the lands and the Lasqueti Island way of life.    


Salary and work hours to be negotiated. 

Flexible workdays, hours and time away. 

More information on our website:  safeisland.ca 


Please email the following information to safeislandcanada [at] gmail [dot] com 


  1. Resume  

  1. Description of your understanding and interest in homesteading, off-grid living, permaculture. 

  1. Your expectations 

  1. List three references including name, relationship and contact information so, we can conduct a background check.  



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20/07/2021 (0 sec)

Rental of electric bikes for two days

Two mature women wanting to rent 2 electric bikes for use on your Island this weekend (July 16 and 17th).  Please respond with type of bike and daily rental rate. Thanks 

w_oram [at] hotmail [dot] com

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26/07/2021 (0 sec)

Talking to folks on Lasqueti about feral sheep?


My name is andrea bennett and I'm a writer living in qathet (specifically in tiskwat/Powell River). I work as a senior editor at TheTyee.ca

I recently learned about the feral sheep on Lasqueti, and would like to speak with people about the sheep. (I read the minutes from the April council meeting where there was a delegation about sheep; it seemed like there was a letter written that a few people signed on to?). 

I am also hoping to get in touch with Tom Weinerth, who led the delegation, if someone can pass a message along. 

I'd like to come visit the island and see the sheep and talk to folks about their history, their place on the island, and the how people feel about their impact to local flora and fauna. 

My email address is andreacunliffebennett [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm happy to share my phone number via email if phone is easier (but would prefer not to post it on the internet :)). 



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12/08/2021 (0 sec)
rjw413's picture

Wireless router

Anyone have a spare wireless router that I can borrow or buy?  Mine has decided to revolt!  My computer is a Mac but I'm not sure if that matters. Thanks much. My cell is 661 203-9454

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05/10/2021 (0 sec)

Looking for new parents in need of a daycare

Hello there,

We're a family currently thinking of settling on beautiful Lasqueti. The one thing that makes us hesitate is that we have a 19 month old baby, and there isn't any daycare on the island, to our knowledge. And unfortunately we really need to be working all day...

So I was wondering if there were any other new parents in the same situation, and if maybe we could try and find a collective solution? Maybe share home baby-sitting time and costs? Maybe find the means and people to start a little daycare?

In any case I would love to hear from you, about your experience on the island, and the solutions you maybe already found.

You can reach me at sandra [dot] dr [at] free [dot] fr

I'll keep my fingers crossed! Thank you,

Sandra Duval

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18/10/2021 (0 sec)

Solar Power & Energy Storage

Hello Lasqueti Community!

I represent a local BC engineering firm that is working on a project designing and building a marine-based solar power generation and energy storage catamaran for boat-access-only communities.

We're at a very important point in our design where feedback from off-grid residents and forward thinkers such as yourselves will be key to our ensuring a world class product with the right features and design elements.

In exchange for your input, we would be happy to offer you a free one week cruise aboard our first yacht, as well as the opportunity to trial our revolutionary new system to power up to 5 homes!

Anyone interested in learning more about our project can email ted [at] unitechengineering [dot] ca for more information, or leave a comment in the forum for further discussion.

We look forward to working with the Lasqueti Island community on this exciting new project in renewable energy and sustainable development!

Kind regards,

Ted Guinn, P.Eng, PMP
Technical Director
Unitech Engineering Inc.

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31/12/2021 (0 sec)

survey pin locator

Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of a survey pin locator (on island). If you can help me out please call me at my new phone number, 778 716-2021.


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27/02/2022 (0 sec)

Family looking for dream homestead

We are an independant, homeschooling, down to earth family of 7, 5 kiddos 2,4,6,8 and 10, dreaming of life on the island! 

We're aware and watching listed homes/properties, but wondering if anyone might be considering selling a parcel of land or existing homestead. 

We are looking for 10+acres with a creek and forest would be ideal.

We are not in a rush, co ops or land shares are not for us thanks.

If you are looking to sell, either a homestead already, or bare land, please reach out, kyersten [dot] kerr [at] gmail [dot] com 

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10/03/2022 (0 sec)

Truck/Crane truck to move shipping container

Looking for crane truck that can pick up and move a shipping container on  island.

If you are able to please message/call us at 604-374-4992 or email at rezasebti83 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please let us know what size of container can be handled (and how full) as well as cost.

Thank you in advance

Reza and Junie


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22/05/2022 (0 sec)

help wanted

Hans and Annemieke,

We are an older couple, probably a bit nuts, but we are planning to move to Lasqueti, and live there full time.

We have had the off grid experience, 28 years in the Cariboo, and also on an island off Tofino. 

We'd love to find help: muscle (for stuff around the yard, moving etc), as well as household help.

Wage open for discussion.

terli37 [at] gmail [dot] com

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23/05/2022 (0 sec)