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steel building

 34'x38'x12' tall allied steel building on island , complete setup foundation plans building plans blue prints , insulation , loaded on a trailer ready to be delivered on lasqueti , has never been set up before so new condition just been sitting waiting to be built doesnt fit the location that we want a building , price $25000 contact Rob @ 2507971617 texts or phone, email mistyfire401 [at] gmail [dot] com 

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30/07/2021 (0 sec)

Barge freight runs

Freight runs!
The barge is back in business.
Regular Tuesday Heinz 57 runs to start this Tuesday the 7th until the end of September.
Charters also available 
Please note that rates have increased 
Contact Peter for rates and bookings 8768

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17/09/2021 (0 sec)

Saw for sale

For sale Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw with 28 inch bar About 8 years old with maybe around 30 hours of run time

$700.00 OBO To much saw for me and my back I have gone back to my small saw Call Richard 333-8555

Photos on Lasqueti hot wire

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02/10/2021 (0 sec)
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Trombone for sale.  Excellent condition and in a nice case.  Asking $40.00 obo.  Ends Sunday.

Robert Wallace   rjw413 [at] gmail [dot] com   or   661 203-9454

on Maple Bay


Proceeds go to Last Resort as a donation

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18/10/2021 (0 sec)
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Bicyles, Drysuits, Keyboard, and Trampoline

I am selling 2 bicycles, blue and red, man and woman. Asking for $25.00 donation to the last resort for each bike. Also have 2 nice drysuits for diving asking $75.00 each, also as a donation to the last resort. Also I have a Roland keyboard for sale with the stand. $75.00 to the last resort. Finally, I have a trampoline for sale. $50.00 - you guessed it- to the last resort. These items are available first come first served. I'm on Maple Bay. Phone: 661-203-9454 or email rjw413 [at] gmail [dot] com or just stop by. Robert wallace

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18/10/2021 (0 sec)
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Rattan chair

Rattan chair with cushion for sale. Excellent condition. Two piece very comfortable chair looks like this:

Proceeds will go to Last Resort. Price $30.00
Email me or call me - Robert Wallace 661 203-9454 rjw413 [at] gmail [dot] com

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18/10/2021 (0 sec)

New barge owner

The barge aka Poor Man's Rock has sold!

For the moment Peter Lironi is out of the barging business so please direct all call regarding freight, barge rentals etc to the new owner and operator Robin Sleiker At 250 507 5805



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29/01/2022 (4 days)