For sale

Night Vision Scope

For Sale:

FLIR First Mate Night Vision Scope

I paid $1700.00 in 2016 on Sale. Was $2400.00.

Latest price I could find $1999.00 US. (Also out of stock).

This hand held technology is no longer available in Canada, as the US Government cut off all sales outside of the states due to it being considered too dangerous in the wrong hands.

This is a true infrared scope as apposed to light enhancement - it reads heat.

I used it for many night trips in the dark in my boat.  It identifies a log floating in the water as it has a different heat signature making the log stand right out and easy to avoid. 
Thankfully I never had to use it  but it would be great in a night time man over board situation.

Asking $1000.00 

Contact Richard-Call 250-333-8555  or call/text 403-760-0979 
Email, richard [at] thefudgery [dot] com

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Solar Panels For Sale

I have source for cheap solar panels. The model is:

Huanghe HH240

240 Watt Polycrystalline panels

They are panels that have been unused and sitting in a warehouse.

It would be $90 a panel ($0.37 a watt) for orders under 10 panels and $80 a panel for orders over 10 panels.

I could get a total of 80 panels.

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested. I will get them delivered to island. I would however need some kind of guarantee of purchase to bring them out.

Let me know if you are interested.
Reach me by email at rezasebti83 [at] gmail [dot] com

I can also show you the ones I already have if you want to know what they look like.


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18/09/2023 (0 sec)

Basket weaving available spot for this weekend

Basket weaving!

I have a spot in this weekends basket weaving workshop that I won't be able to make and would like to fill.
If anyone is interested please get in touch




250 818 961 

plironi [at] gmail [dot] com

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