Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy

The Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) conserves and protects land for the benefit of wildlife, plants and the public. To achieve our mission, LINC acquires legal interests in land and provides public education on the natural and cultural features on Lasqueti and surrounding islands.

LINC invites you to its Annual General Meeting on Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd!
The meeting starts at 11 and then our hike to the Osland Nature Reserve will follow, leaving the Lasqueti Community Hall around 12 - 12:30. Come car pool and find out what has and will be happening with our local Nature Conservancy.

LINC was formed in 2007 - so this Annual Meeting and 2017-18 Report marks our 10 year anniversary! Come join us - as a member, as a volunteer, as a supporter or donor to our many conservation and stewardship projects.

If you wish to car pool to the meeting or talk with us about anything, give us a call at 250-333-8754.

See you on Earth Day 2018

NEW: Acquisition Campaign - Salish View 

Help us conserve this fantastic 28 acre property next to Squitty Bay park, expanding the protected areas at the south end, creating a larger ecological corridor for nature in a changing climate, and providing a third great hike up to a spectacular 270 degree view of the Salish Sea.

"The addition of this area to the protected land at the South end of Lasqueti would be of particular significance in that it would extend the protected areas to the local height of land, creating a nearly contiguous corridor of protected ecosystems from seashore to ridgetop." (K. Lertzman)

10 months to go! We've raised approximately 10% of our overall costs now. We have grant applications out for some hoped for grants. Our goal is to raise at least $150,000 from the local community. Every donation counts, and one long-time local has challenged others to match her donation of $2500!

We have a signed, legal Purchase and Sale Agreement between the landowners and LINC. This is such an exciting opportunity to create more publicly accessible, protected areas on Lasqueti! Please see this 2 page article from the 2017 Fall LINC Newsletter for more details! 

To kick start the campaign, the landowners have agreed to provide a 20% donation off the purchase price. Our goal is to raise $250,000 by Dec 21st! Help us reach our goal by donating any amount directly, making a monthly donation, donating a security, or making a pledge of over $250. (Pledge form to the right) Go to CanadaHelps if you wish to donate  (online. (There is a 4% charge by CanadaHelps to process donations made in this way.) Or save all of your donation for this project by sending us a cheque directly, and we will send you a charitable receipt. Talk with your friends, join our  monthly donors by giving $100 a month for 5 months - total $500 donation - or whatever suits your budget. Everything counts and matters! Thanks for helping us protect nature by linking  the mountain top to the seashore with Salish View!  

Send your cheque to Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy or LINC, GD, Lasqueti island BC V0R 2J0. Go to our facebook page to find out more!

Donate Now Through!

Protected Areas on Lasqueti:

Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve: owned by the Islands Trust Fund, donated by the Gordon family, and as of July 2013, LINC and the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust (NALT) registered a conservation covenant on the property. Now we now have a local voice on management and protection of this wonderful site! 

Osland Nature Reserve, owned by the Islands Trust Fund, donated by Johnny Osland, and as of the fall of 2014, LINC and the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust registered a conservation covenant on the site.  

Kwell Nature Reserve, owned by the Islands Trust Fund, with a covenant held by NALT & TLC.

There is also the Ecological Reserve on the southeastern side of the island, plus a number of outer islands including the Finnerties, Fegans and Jedidiah nearby! 

Lasqueti Island, Conserving this Special PlaceCheck out our Booklet and find out about the many conservation options available to help conserve this Special Place!  

Read the full report: Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change through the Conservation of Nature, by Richard Hebda and Sara J Wilson. 

Forage Fish: 

Forage Fish on Lasqueti Island - learn about this important fish that feeds our chinook and many other marine creatures!
Here are the maps that show the forage fish confirmed and suitable beaches on Lasqueti for forage fish spawning:
Suitable Beaches for Forage Fish
Confirmed forage fish beaches on Lasqueti 
Overview of Suitable Beaches for forage fish with 8 pages of details (by Ramona DeGraf
Lasqueti Island Forage Fish Team (LIFFT) wins Islands Trust Fund's 2013 Stewardship Award!

Annual Reports: 

* LINC's 2016-17 Annual Report

* LINC's 2015-16 Annual Report


NEW - Spring 2018: (Sentinals of our Coast - Breat Blue Herons, Christmas Bird Count, Fundraising for Salish View!)

Fall 2017 Newsletter: (How Healthy are Lasqueti's Forests, Beach Clean up) 

Summer 2017 Newsletter: (Sea Grass Studies, Species at Risk on Lasqueti, Forage Fish Map)
Spring 2017 Newsletter: (Christmas bird count, Las. Is. Forage Fish Team, Beavers & their habitat on the Gulf Islands, more on bats)


Fall 2016 Newsletter: (We've Got Bats, Squitty Bay Day, microplastics and clean up of our oceans ...

Summer, 2016: (Forage Fish Matters, Watching & Conserving Butterflies, Got Bats?)

Spring, 2016: (Herring - A Troubling Trajectory,  Pollinators, Christmas Bird Count)

Fall, 2015: (Alligator Lizards, Mt Trematon protection)

Summer, 2015: (Sea Stars, 2014-15 Annual Report, Osland Nature Reserve)

Spring, 2015: (Newts & Pacific Chorus Frogs, Osland Nature Reserve, Spring Birds)

Winter, 2014: (Christmas Bird Count, 2014 Report, Protection with a Conservation Covenant) 

Summer, 2014: (Western Purple Martin, Herring in the Bay) 

Spring, 2014: (Rigid Apple Moss SAR, Map of protected areas on Lasqueti, Crown lands)

Fall, 2013: (introductory issue, why conservation, projects & achievements to date)

Green Legacies Guide for BC - case studies, and financial details on donating land, money, or other gifts.
LINC wins Islands Trust Fund's 2008 Stewardship Award

The purposes of the society are:

1. To preserve and protect the environment by acquiring interests in land in order to conserve its natural features for the benefit of the public.

2.  To advance education by providing lectures, workshops and written materials to the public on the topic of conservation of the environment.

Current Directors:

President: Gordon Scott
Vice-President: Andrew Fall
Secretary/Treasurer: Sheila Harrington
at large: Sheila Ray, Bonnie Olesko, Barb Brooks, Wendy Schneible


Society members and many residents and visitors to Lasqueti helped with the successful Squitty Bay acquisition campaign in 2007.

LINC was incorporated in 2007 as a non-profit society in BC.

In 2012 we received charitable status BN: 848485595 RR0001.

LINC receives donations of land, money and volunteer time. Please contact us if you would like to consider putting LINC in your Will.