Tesni Clare

Welsh student wanting to come stay, volunteer and do some informal research


My name is Tesni, I'm 21 and study Geography at the University of Cambridge (UK). I'm from rural, coastal Wales and have grown up around friends and family who live off-grid. I work at eco-friendly festivals in the UK, I love to make art, read, write, hike... and just be outdoors!!

I'm writing about the possibility of coming over to Lasqueti this summer to volunteer, explore, meet Lasquetians and do some informal research. As part of my third year university thesis, I'm carrying out research on off-grid, low impact and alternative lifestyles and communities. I've previously spent a bit of time volunteering and WOOFing in Europe and Central America. 

I'm really interested in what motivates people to live off-grid, and myself have always been really driven to explore ways of living alternative to the isolating, excessively consumerist Western model... so my interest in Lasqueti isn't an abstract desire to academically research a 'quirky' community, but rather just something very personal!

If anyone would consider hosting a very friendly and motivated young person for any amount of time July or August, I would absolutely love to come over, help out and learn more about your community. I don't have any predetermined expectations, and won't romanticise Lasqueti as 'utopia', rather I'd just love to talk to people about whatever feelings/ thoughts/ ideas you want to share.  

Please contact me on the email address below, even if just to chat about my ideas in more depth - 

tesnikitac [at] gmail [dot] com 


Thank you!! Tesni =) 

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20/05/2018 (12 weeks)