Solid Waste Management Plan

 Let’s Talk Trash!

We are updating the Lasqueti Island Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) to help define how we will manage our garbage and recyclables in the future. Our landfill does not meet current environmental standards and we must also figure out a solution to this problem.

Over the past several months an advisory committee of island residents have been assessing our solid waste management system and helping to identify options available to improve it. Now we need your input to help us refine and select options which will ensure that we are able to reduce, reuse and recycle our discards, live sustainably and make the best use of our tax dollars.

How to get more information

Here are a number of short, informative reports prepared by our consultants. The first one in the list below outlines the options we are considering for the future and is the focus of this community consultation process.

  • Options for Managing our Solid Waste, including recycling depot improvements and options for garbage disposal (download PDF) 1.3 MB
  • Landfill Assessment on the status of our landfill and what improvements are necessary  (download PDF) 2.7 MB
  • Existing Solid Waste Management System (download PDF) 403 KB

2011 Advisory Committee

In 2011, the following fearless “trash talkers”  volunteered their time and energy to participate on a Solid Waste Advisory Committee:

  • Robyn

  • Simmah

  • Carson

  • Doane

  • Peter

  • Colin

  • Jenny

  • Mark

  • Noel

  • Sol



This committee was organized by Merrick Anderson and meetings were facilitated by our consultant, Maura Walker.

2016 Solid Waste Management Committee

In 2016, the PRRD struck a committee to look at options for solid waste management on Lasqueti.  See: Lasqueti Solid Waste Management Committee