Talking to folks on Lasqueti about feral sheep?


My name is andrea bennett and I'm a writer living in qathet (specifically in tiskwat/Powell River). I work as a senior editor at

I recently learned about the feral sheep on Lasqueti, and would like to speak with people about the sheep. (I read the minutes from the April council meeting where there was a delegation about sheep; it seemed like there was a letter written that a few people signed on to?). 

I am also hoping to get in touch with Tom Weinerth, who led the delegation, if someone can pass a message along. 

I'd like to come visit the island and see the sheep and talk to folks about their history, their place on the island, and the how people feel about their impact to local flora and fauna. 

My email address is andreacunliffebennett [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm happy to share my phone number via email if phone is easier (but would prefer not to post it on the internet :)). 



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