General and skilled workers, year-round full and part time



General and Skilled workers, year-round full and part time positions available. 


The Safe Island Land Alliance is looking for "Jacks and Jills of all trades" with a passion for working and/or living off-grid. Ideally looking for people who have a background in some of the following: Carpentry, greenhouses, construction, gardening and permaculture.   

The work will be preparing the sites for cabins and building greenhouses.  

Only electric and/or hand tools will be used.  


Sites on this 68-hectare property will focus on individual homesteading.  


Jobs will entail a variety of tasks and needs for people who can work 100% independently and in a rural and undeveloped setting.  These positions are ideally suited to people already living on Lasqueti Island who have the homesteader/survivalist mentality, a passion for creating an Ecofriendly environment and want to protect the lands and the Lasqueti Island way of life.    


Salary and work hours to be negotiated. 

Flexible workdays, hours and time away. 

More information on our website: 


Please email the following information to safeislandcanada [at] gmail [dot] com 


  1. Resume  

  1. Description of your understanding and interest in homesteading, off-grid living, permaculture. 

  1. Your expectations 

  1. List three references including name, relationship and contact information so, we can conduct a background check.  



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