Young Couple Seeking Land to Homestead or Rent


We are a young couple seeking to purchase acreage to build a home, raise a family, grow food/farm, make art, live sustainably and grow old upon. We have been residents of Salt Spring Island for the past 10 years, and are looking for somewhere quieter to set down our roots. My partner is a Farmer and Electrical Engineer by trade, and I am a women's Transition House front-line worker, caregiver, cleaner and artist. We wish to buy land for under 100,000 and are open to living quite remotely. If you have a property for sale or some extra acreage you'd be interested in subdividing and selling off, we would love to hear from you. 


We are also open to self-contained rental situations (that are pet friendly) and spending more time in the community in hopes of furthering our goals in finding land.


Thank you kindly,

Sky & Matt

Time remaining: 49%
15/08/2020 (6 days)


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