Beef - Red Dexter

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Grass-fed Grass-finished Beef

Available now, 2019. 

Red Dexters are a rare breed of dual purpose cattle and were traditionally kept in small numbers throughout the British Isles.  The beef is sweet tasting, succulent and, well marbled. We take great care in raising our cattle allowing them to be reared outside, year-round in our wild herb and meadow environment.  

Our cattle’s robust immune systems mean that they do not need chemical dewormers, antibiotics or grain to fatten them.  Living a stress free life on grass, meadow plants and herbs, they produce a tasty, tender carcass.  With our on-farm slaughter license we ensure they are dispatched in a stress-free manner at home in their own environment.  We believe the exceptional care we take in rearing and handling our animals provides you with the healthiest meat possible, rich in omega 3s and CLAs, (conjugated linoleic acid).  Our beef is hung in the traditional manner for 21 days of curing prior to cutting and butcher's brown paper wrapping.

Here are some tips to fully enjoy your grass fed/grass finished beef:

• allow meat to thaw naturally in the refrigerator 
• prior to cooking allow it to rest to room temperature 
• grass fed beef should be cooked at a lower temperature, only to medium 

We offer 25 pound boxes of mixed cuts or the meat can be ordered in smaller amounts at organic grass-finished retail prices with our Farmstead Food Packages.

Please call Aileen & Zbigniew at (250) 333-8536 to order or email us at elderberrylanefarm(at)

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25 lb. box - $12 per pound
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