Farmstead Eggs

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Vineyard Open Range - Farm Fresh

Available with Farmstead Food Packages or with CSA Program.

Our heritage breed chickens nest naturally and are raised by their own mothers.  They are vaccine free and they don't have their beaks clipped or cauterized (which is a common commercial practice with barn breed production).  Elderberry Lane Farm chickens are not raised in cages or runs/pens.  They get to form their own social groups, promoting healthy conditions for robust feathering and combs.

The hens and roosters roam free in the vineyard and farm pastures, allowing them to self-select a variety of grains, grasses, clover, and to search out insects, bugs and worms to scratch up.  They are kept safe from predators under the watchful eye of our resident English Shepherds, Lassa and Max.

All supplemental chicken grains (hen scratch) is Certified Organic and the farm and vineyard land on which the chickens roam is farmed with biodynamic practices.

Product Price: 
$7 per dozen
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