Lasqueti Isle & Times

Lasqueti Isle & Times is a monthly, community-supported newsletter (i.e., the articles and ads are written by community members), which has been published for 20 years.  It follows in the footsteps of many other fine newsletters that existed under different names and incarnations on Lasqueti. 

An ONLINE version of the Lasqueti Isle & Times is now available at:

News items, creative writing, and articles of interest to community members are welcomed.  The contents do not necessarily represent the views of the editor/publisher, nor is their accuracy guaranteed.  Anonymous submissions are not published.

Donations for all submissions are most gratefully accepted.  Submissions may be made by emailing them to isleandtimes [at] gmail [dot] com.  All articles over 50 words in length must be submitted electronically.

Deadlines for submission and release dates appear on the back of each issue, as well as on the Isle and Times website at:
Free copies are provided by mail to all residents of Lasqueti.  Off-island subscriptions are available.  Please contact the editor at isleandtimes [at] gmail [dot] com. for rates, formats (e.g., electronic, snail mail, etc.), and methods of payment.