TV documentary shooting request from Hong Kong

Hello everyone, 

This is Donna Chan, a documentary researcher from Hong Kong. We are doing a TV documentary for the government station in Hong Kong, the Radio and Television Hong Kong (same as CBC to Canada) about off-grid and alternative living around the world. 

Hong Kong is a tiny busy city with most of the 7 million residents living in high-rise buildings. Nonetheless people are more and more aware about alternative living and nature consciousness. Ecosystem, permaculture, upcycling and work-life balance are some of the things Hong Kong people are starting to pick up, that's why we would like to introduce them something further, i.e. Lasqueti Island and other alternative living communities.

We are also contacting a few families/communities in Canada and Japan for the program including dancers, home schooling family and woman turning to off-grid after Fukushima nuclear accident, hoping to disclose the many other ways of living to the audience.

We are a team of four and we are very interested to come to the island sometime in 2018 to visit and shoot for a few days. Whether you are working on a certain project or you are just living in the island tranquilly, if you are happy to let people from Hong Kong know your reason to live in the island and share with us your way of living, or you simply want to tell us who we should approach, please let me know and I appreciate all your advises and replies. We will be more than happy to give a helping hands during our visit.

Looking forward to this inspiring exchange.

My email: donnacws [at] gmail [dot] com

Our production company's website:

Thank you so much for your time. 



Time remaining: 38%
07/10/2017 (2 weeks)


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