Weekly Barge run reminder

On every second Tuesday I am running a freight service from Squitty Bay to French Creek. The barge will leave at 8 am arriving approximately 9:45. Loading will commence at 1:30 until 4 pm departure. The rate is $60. which allots you a 4x8+ space on deck, plus space on the upper deck for groceries. The spaces will be flexible allowing you to load longer goods. Also you can take over your well contained garbage, recyclables, etc. You come as a guest with your freight, one person per deck space or pay extra $30. each way. Groceries and smaller goods should be in totes, bring a tarp if your goods need protection from the weather. This run is weather permitting only and can run Wednesday if necessary. You will have until noon the following day to unload. I can lift items up to 500 lbs. Bring a handcart. Freight space is limited to 8 portions. I will carry up to eleven people. Please call to reserve. Dates are as follows:

 July 18th, August 1st, August 15th, August 29th, Sept. 5th.

Peter Lironi  250-333-8768

Time remaining: 67%
31/07/2017 (1 week)


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