Treadle Sewing Machine for Trade

We have a beautiful Singer treadle machine with round bobbin with all the original booklets and running tops.  What we hope for is to trade it for a different Singer treadle machine that was once given (within the last few years) to a couple on Lasqueti Island by a man we know from Burnam Mobile Home Park in Cobble Hill (near Duncan), BC.  This machine once belonged to my husband's mother and she made clothes for him on it back in the 30s.  He would like to have this machine back for sentimental reasons (regrets letting it go in the first place but he lacked room at his place) and would trade it for a lovely Singer treadle as described above.  There is a piece of wood missing on one of the drawers on the front of the cabinet on this treadle sewing machine that you have acquired (just to identify it for sure).  Well, I made an effort, so will see what comes of this ad.  By the way, it would be delivered to the ferry dock at Lasqueti Island if you would like to trade.  Sincerely, Bonnie Wilde 250-508-6531 (Sooke, BC)

Time remaining: 2%
24/04/2017 (6 hours)


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